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PANALIS One is the professional platform for managing political and regulatory information. Risks are identified through the use of NLP, machine learning and modern evaluation technologies. Monitoring enables a comprehensive analysis of all processes and individualized reports condense all relevant information so that you can focus on your actual task.
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1. Early Warning System

Risk identification enables overviews and analyzes of the topics that are relevant to you. On the basis of large amounts of data, the risk potential of a specific topic for your organization can be identified.
This function is supported with clear dashboard functions.

More information on the early warning system

2. Monitoring

With over 250,000 sources, the most comprehensive monitoring of political and regulatory information in Europe. Detailed dashboards and overviews of institutional reports, stakeholder and media publications are available.

More information on PANALIS Monitoring

3. Analysis & Briefings

You will receive curated content from competent analysts on all legislative initiatives in the federal and EU as well as other national states. Short reports on current events are edited.
Weekly reports also summarize parliamentary appointments and processes.


4. Stakeholder & Contact Management

The more than 100,000 recorded and updated stakeholders enable extensive stakeholder management.

The contact management is specially tailored to the needs of users in associations, companies and institutions and enables you to record information completely and GDPR-compliant.


5. Services & Reports

Regular reports are prepared individually for you and your team by the PANALIS analysts.

This includes exclusive background information. You determine the structure and format of your reports.

INFORMATION Intelligence

Your all-in-one solution

Publicly available information is evaluated using machine learning and analysts. This enables you to carry out seamless and efficient monitoring. You can manage your stakeholders with Stakeholder & Contact Management. Reports from analysts enable information tailored to your topics.

Early identification

Monitoring & Advocacy

Analysis & Reports


Professionalization of your information management

Seamless workflows can be mapped with PANALIS One. Different departments can generate reports and analyzes based on information and incorporate them into their daily work.

Your internal and external stakeholders can connect with the complete solution and interact together.

You concentrate on your advocacy strategy while PANALIS One assists you holistically.

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