Risk Identification with Agnoscis

Agnoscis identifies and assesses political, regulatory and business risks for you, regardless of the environment in which your organization is located.

What is Agnoscis?
Agnoscis is an innovative software for risk identification and risk management based on large amounts of data, machine learning and intelligent algorithms.
The software identifies your organization-specific risks and structures them into topic clusters to map a complete visualization of relevant developments in the political, regulatory and business environment.
Agnoscis was developed as a stand-alone solution in Germany and supports organizations from all industries.

1. Risk Identification

Risk identification enables overviews and analyses of the risks relevant to you. On the basis of large amounts of data it is possible to identify the risk potential of a certain topic for your organization.
This function is supported by clearly arranged dashboard functions.

2. Risk Assesment

Provides you with exclusive knowledge about the change of all topics in your organization through modern evaluation technologies. Detailed analyses of stakeholders, regions and dynamics support you in the real-time evaluation of the entire environment.
Experienced consultants can support you in risk assessment.

3. Monitoring and Alerts

You have identified the risks? Transfer them into a sustainable monitoring and observe new events and projects on the topics.
The monitoring provides you with a compilation of relevant news, social media, databases, websites and studies.


Discover the opportunities of identify organization-relevant risks with Agnoscis.