#1 Solution for Issue, Stakeholder & Risk relevant Use Cases


Take new paths and set the course for Policy Monitoring and Stakeholder Management

Track policy, analyze, and collaborate all on one platform.
PANALIS Policy Monitoring can be adapted to your requirements and simplifies your processes. Through intelligent algorithms you profit from a significant increase in efficiency.

Your Benefits with PANALIS Policy Monitoring

  • Save time monitoring issues and stakeholders
  • Usability satisfaction
  • Coverage of customer sources
  • Availability

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Speeches and Comments


Area Monitoring


Capture sentiments

Save time and achieve results efficiently
With PANALIS, manual searches on the Internet or in official databases are almost completely eliminated. Projects and campaigns can be designed more effectively and information losses are minimized.
All EU Institutions

With PANALIS Monitoring, you have access to all information from federal, state, and European level. Follow intelligent legislative processes and new regulations – you will receive important changes and publications automatically.


PANALIS Monitoring provides specially developed functions for media outlets analysis. Observe millions of publications in real time and recognize trends, developments, and correlations.

European Stakeholders

The analysis of the pre-parliamentary phase can be optimally supported with the PANALIS Stakeholder Monitoring. Get important opinions from supporters and opponents, get informed and share information with your colleagues.

See for yourself

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