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Political Intelligence


Policy Monitoring for mobile Use Cases

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Global Policy and Stakeholder


PANALIS Policy Monitoring

A leading platform for issue tracking with reliable information, analysis, and reports. Made in Germany.

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PANALIS Predictive Analytics

Plan based on the intelligent analysis of over 100 million data to identify regulatory risks for your Business.

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Policy Dashboard

Do you want real-time evaluations? With our adaptive dashboards, you can compile your own analysis based on the PANALIS Cloud.

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Management Summary α

No time for your own research? With Management Summary you get all relevant information in weekly reports.

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Industry Reports

Request your exclusive industry report with background reports as well as monthly evaluations and statistics.

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PANALIS Services

We accompany your digital transformation process with intelligent workshops, training, and individual consulting.

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More than just Policy Monitoring. One of the most complete Platforms for policy use cases.
With over 1.200 satisfied users in Europe.

# 1 Policy monitoring, early warning systems & risk detection for teams of all sizes

PANALIS’ mission is to provide information from parliamentary and non-parliamentary sources for issues and stakeholder management. Through intelligent algorithms, we can evaluate the information at an early stage, so that you maintain a maximum overview despite the constant influx and polarization of political issues.

It is more than Policy Monitoring

Experience how PANALIS enables you to proficiently and successfully track political issues of interest

Discover how you can use PANALIS to monitor and manage political, social and economic issues equally.

Parliaments, Stakeholders and Media Sources in more than 70 Countries

… furthermore Issues and Stakeholder from over 70 countries

250,000 +


Good reasons to rely on PANALIS


Complete Legislative Monitoring to analyze all issues

  • Compact dossiers on all legislative initiatives
  • Visual representation and filter functions enable important processes to be identified quickly
  • Editing and notification functions

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No complicated search queries thanks to the integrated assistance function

  • Compact dossiers on all legislative initiatives

Zu PANALIS Managed Monitoring.


Have summaries and publications read to you

  • Have dossier summaries and publications read out using the integrated function
  • New on the market with a choice of different voices


Create efficient action plans, reports or create distribution lists

  • Various tools to choose from to work on your projects, taking into account topics and stakeholders.
  • Collaboration functions for the optimal exchange between the individual team members

  • Create individual reports with a report generator

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Risk detection for experts using machine learning …

Analyze and track Issues and Stakeholder efficiently.

More than 250,000 sources

PANALIS Monitoring combines various channels that provides you with faster, more secure access to a pre-parliamentary areas, stakeholders, and news sources from countries in Europe such as: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Issue Management

Create your focus topic as a search request. Monitor, analyze, and share relevant publications, developments, and changes. For professional issue management, use the intelligent filter and tools.

Stakeholder Management

Identify the position of stakeholders. Our efficient search engine operates faster than RSS and various databases and reads all publications using various sources.


Comment and share publications and ideas together and interdepartmental with the team or with the organization. PANALIS Monitoring is your safe connection in any location, whether in the office or en route using your smartphone.

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