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Over 100,000 political Sources

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Identify and create topics of your interest. Analysis and Collaboration all in one platform.
PANALIS Political Intelligence creates an environment with your requirements and simplifies your working processes. You will profit from a significant increase in efficiency with our intelligent algorithms. PANALIS is more than just a software for political monitoring.

Political Intelligence Solutions

Public Affairs Automation – Gain exclusive insights with summaries and predictive analytics


A targeted summary of your topics

Easy Outline

Weekly updated information, provided by topic experts, individually to your existing topic project.

Connection to reports and trends

Use the power of PANALIS Monitoring and integrate management summary ALPHA into your existing system.

Smart evaluation of your stakeholders

Gain comprehensive insight into a variety of parliamentary, pre-parliamentary, and media sources.

Political Intelligence

Predictive Analytics DELTA

In a volatile environment, companies and organizations need forward-looking analyses. Predictive Analytics DELTA offers forecasting and multidimensional analysis for relevant political and regulatory issues to identify future risks.

Organization-specific environment analysis



Extensive Visualizations & Alert Systems

PANALIS simplifies your access to daily publications from your most important sources. You personalize your search , then PANALIS selects the results precisely according to your preferences.
Information that is entirely relevant. Delivered intelligently on a daily basis.

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