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Designed for managing your variety of topics.

The professionalization of your political communication

Ideal for larger, professional teams – design your themes together

If you want to take advantage of the full functionality of PANALIS Monitoring, the PANALIS Enterprise Edition is just right for you. With PANALIS Monitoring Enterprise you have an unlimited number of user accesses. In the future, your team will be able to expand flexibly, without having to fear any restrictions when working with PANALIS Monitoring. Likewise, there are no limits in monitoring topics and stakeholder groups, so the Enterprise Edition can create an unlimited number of personalized monitoring lists. Since the Version-Update-Guarantee is included in this edition, you will always be up to date with your PANALIS edition and guaranteed the latest functionality of PANALIS Monitoring. In addition, with the option to implement up to 2000 own sources, you have the possibility to customize PANALIS Monitoring according to your requirements.

To ensure a seamless digitization of your monitoring processes and policy observation, the PANALIS Monitoring Enterprise Edition includes a free team workshop. In addition, of course, as with all other PANALIS Monitoring editions, you have free support from our team.

 Issue Management

 Stakeholder Management

Personalised Notifications


 Implementation up to 2000 own sources

Free Team Workshop

Information that is truly relevant

In contrast to search engines and information portals, PANALIS simplifies your access to daily updated data and information from your most important sources. You personalise your search – PANALIS selects the results precisely according to your preferences.

Comprehensive coverage of the organizational environment

Whether as a means for crisis prevention or for recording your regulatory requirements – PANALIS helps you to observe the environment and to implement your compliance. Trends, social discourses and correlations can now be analysed on a single interface and used as an early warning system.

Save time and achieve results efficiently

With PANALIS, manual searches on the Internet or in official databases are almost completely eliminated. Projects and campaigns can be designed more effectively and information losses are minimized.

Versatile features for efficient work

Stakeholder Monitoring

PANALIS Monitoring shows you the publications of all stakeholders. Identify important trends and opinions at an early stage and individualize your stakeholder observation.


The simple rights management makes it possible to work on each topic project with additional team members and helps to optimize the internal provision of information and your project management.


With the notification features, you won’t miss any information. Individually configurable e-mail reports provide you with a summary of your topic projects.


Extensive clipboard

More than just a search engine: Whether own hints and comments or indexing and rating – with PANALIS Monitoring information can be managed professionally and intelligently.


No trend remains hidden by the dashboard. Statistics give you a complete overview – from posts in social media to legislative resolutions.


Clear storage control

Archiving secures the information and knowledge status permanently. Access your stored results at any time and use them as a basis for future projects.

Your advantages with the “PANALIS model”

Risk-free testing

You can test PANALIS Monitoring flexibly and risk-free.

Easy web access

No local installation, no implementation and maintenance effort

High mobility

Flexible access on the PC and on the mobile device

High safety

SSL-encrypted access and hosting in Germany

cost saving

Low fees, no acquisition costs for software or hardware

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