We are pleased to announce the launch of nexSRM, the groundbreaking Stakeholder Relationship Management Platform. The beta version will be available from January 1, 2024, marking a milestone in how organizations manage and interact with their stakeholders.


Innovative Features of the Beta Version

The beta version of nexSRM offers a wealth of outstanding features aimed at revolutionizing the way you manage your relationships. From comprehensive audit excellence and secure legal compliance to customized stakeholder management – these features not only allow for perfect adaptation of each interaction to your company’s needs but also foster efficient teamwork and precise project management.

The planned integration of an AI assistant promises efficient template creation, analyses of your projects, and automated responses to enhance productivity.

Versatile Applications of nexSRM

nexSRM is more than just software – it is a versatile tool designed for various target audiences. In the realm of Public Affairs, it propels professionals into a new era of Stakeholder interaction by seamlessly enabling identification, organization, and communication.

For management, nexSRM provides the ultimate tool to smooth Stakeholder dynamics, from seamless organization to insightful audits.

In the field of Communication & Press, nexSRM aids in crafting compelling narratives and effortlessly managing media relationships.

For Relationship Managers, whose success relies on connections, nexSRM is the key tool facilitating easy strengthening and expansion of networks through flexible data imports and dynamic insights into Stakeholder relationships.

“nexSRM is a versatile solution designed for various target audiences. Whether you’re engaging with stakeholders, managing relationships with the press, or optimizing public relations, nexSRM is tailored to enhance productivity and streamline interactions across diverse business functions.” – Reza Eshtiagh, Managing Partner


Explore the future of stakeholder management with nexSRM!

If you are interested in our innovative software and would like to participate in the beta testing phase without obligation, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to collaborating with you and taking your stakeholder interactions to the next level. Let’s write the success story of your stakeholder relationships together!

For more information, visit the nexSRM website.


“With nexSRM, we provide, among other things, an innovative response to evolving demands for efficient communication and legal changes in Germany. Our goal is to consistently offer our customers the best possible productivity tool to address their challenges.” – Zafar Khan, Managing Partner
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