Tracking legislation is a complex and time consuming process. New regulations go through various steps, starting with a draft to the final decision. A first draft, the parliamentary bills, related speeches in the plenary sessions and relevant statements of important stakeholders can be tracked from various sources and databases as a part of your professional dossier creation.
For single regulations, it could be an expense of 3 to 6 hours to consider all documents. In addition, the analysis of the possible impact on your organization requires several days of work.
A professional advocacy strategy includes this evaluation, but also the assessment of possible outcome or scenarios and the identification of possible alliances and partners.
In addition, one of the most important challenges for responsible employees is to objectify the sentiment on each issue and reduce the flood of information that is of Importance.


Best practice: Dossiers with PANALIS Monitoring

With the dossiers feature for legislation tracking, PANALIS Monitoring enables users to get the perfect symbiosis of experts assessments and a wide range of data analytics from the largest political database in the EU. All relevant information about a regulation is organised within a dossier that is easy to overview. The platform offers a comfortable and comprehensive access to all on-going or passed legislative procedures in Germany, the EU and its further member states.
In addition, all important information of a dossiers can be exported to a professional report with a single click.

1062 analyzed regulations in Germany
and in the EU were published on the platform

Our analysts track and analyze every step of a legislative procedure in order to provide you the latest insights on a daily basis. For an automated alerting email updates on dossiers can be activated.
PANALIS Dossiers offer the following information:
– Short Description and measures of the legislative procedures
– Initiators and current status
– All documents related to the procedure
– Analysis on stakeholder positions
– Latest statements and topic trends
– possible outcome derived of standardized criteria
– Evaluation of opinion leaders’ positons


Analyzes of the legislation: How likely the announcement of a project is, is shown by the PANALIS policy team on the basis of the standardized criteria, which you can understand transparently.

Legislative monitoring designed effectively

PANALIS Dossiers give you a standardized and intuitive Summary about every process. This is how you can make your legislative process effective.

The analyzes keep you always up to date and know all new developments in a legislative process, so that you can concentrate on the decisoins that are important for your organization.

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